New to Church

A church can be likened to a closely-knit family. Just as families come in diverse forms and sizes, churches exhibit a wide array of characteristics and traditions. Approaching a new congregation (its members) where everyone appears familiar with each other and the proceedings can be somewhat daunting. Consequently, making a personal introduction often proves to be the most effective approach when attending a church for the first time. If possible, consider attending with a friend or someone already acquainted with the church’s customs; they can guide you in understanding what is going on and the reasons behind them.

However, if you don’t have any prior connections within the church, don’t be discouraged. Our churches have designated greeters whose purpose is to warmly welcome you and to help you feel at ease. If they don’t immediately recognize you as a you enter, please let them know you’re here!

It’s important to note that church services may vary, particularly during significant events in the Christian calendar like Christmas and Easter, when we commemorate Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.

You are welcome to all our services, so please do come along!