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20th June 2021

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 15 June 2021

St Michael & St Wulfad Church, Stone

and St Saviour Church, Aston

20 June 2021


Third Sunday after Trinity


Sadly, at the time of writing, it seems likely that we shall not be able to undo all the restrictions we had hoped from 21st June


This will almost certainly mean that  we shall have to keep to the regulations on social distancing, using  “track and trace”, hand sanitiser and wearing  a face covering, as well as avoiding conversation or gatherings inside the building.


Hospitalisations remain very low and we have had no mishaps so far related to church. We  will continue to film an act of worship for you to follow each week on our website, church Facebook pages and myYouTube channel.

Ian Cardinal


Weekly Services of Holy Communion

Thursday            10.30am St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone

Sunday               8am St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone

                9.15am St Saviour, Aston

                10.45am St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone

Please do join us if you are able to.


Home Communion

If you do not yet feel able to come back into church, but would like to receive Holy Communion in your home, please contact Revd Ian,

John or Alison and one of us will be happy to come and visit you.


Regular giving

Would you consider making regular donations to the church via standing order from your bank?

If you are able to do this, please contact John Baddeley on 01785 815397, or email

for St Michaels, or Paul Gerrard on 01785 818363 or email pagerrard@btinternet.comfor St Saviour’s. Thank you!  


Green Bus

The Green Bus service has now resumed. This is a free minibus that runs to the 10.45am service on Sundays. If you would like a lift please call Chris Melia to arrange this on 07779 228286.


Contact details

Please contact any of the team should you need to:


Revd Preb Ian Cardinal 01785 812747   

Dennis Abbott 01785 814134

Revd Alison Hudson 07725 467246      

Fr John Cotterill 07734 815838

Lin Davies 01889 505094

Stone with Aston Sunday afternoon prayers

Please do join us if you would like for this short time of prayer (approximately 30 minutes) at 4pm each Sundayvia phone or internet. This week we will be using the Ordinary Time Prayer Sheet.

To join:

  • Phone this number 0131 460 1196or 0203 481 5237
  • enter the meeting ID on your telephone keypad 897 6759 5340
  • you will be asked for a participant number - just enter #
  • enter the password which is 928354

or join online via ‘Zoom’


St Michael & St Wulfad Spring Fair

Our virtual Spring Fair has proved to be very popular with over £525 being raised so far, and there are still items for sale, including some tomato plants grown and donated by Sue Gamble. Thank you to all those who have contributed an item for sale, or purchased something.                  

Philip Leason


Christian Aid Sponsored Walk

Thank you to those who sponsoring us on our walk to raise money for Christian Aid last Tuesday. We managed two extended circuits of Trentham Garden Lakes in fine English weather, followed by much needed refreshments! We will be collecting in the sponsor money on Sunday. Thank you too for your generous contributions via the envelopes during Christian Aid week, which raised £532.50.


Readings and Collect for Sunday 20 June

Job 38: 1-11    2 Cor 6: 1-13   Mark 4: 35-41


Almighty God, you have broken the tyranny of sin and have sent the Spirit of your Son into our hearts whereby we call you Father:

give us grace to dedicate our freedom to your service, that we and all creation may be brought  to the glorious liberty of the children of God; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen



I remember, as an 18 year, old being taken on a canal boat with a friend and his parents on the rivers of North Yorkshire. You already know I love canals and boating generally, but this was the first time I had been taken on a river in this way. It was a lovely sunny week – but at the end, things went rather wrong. To cut a long story short, I ended up being given a lift with people I didn’t know, so I could catch a train home from Selby. When we had locked into the River Derwent, the tidal Ouse had been low and quiet – when we locked out the river was high, in full tidal flood and running very fast. I was way out of my experience and very glad I was not in responsible for the boat. Frankly, it was more than a little scary

This week’s gospel is a familiar tale – Jesus stilling the storm. But the thing about the story is – how frightened were the disciples. Most of them were fishermen, well used to the Sea of Galilee and its tremendous storms – and yet it is quite clear they were frightened out of their wits. They believed that Jesus and they were about to drown – and had to wake Jesus who was sleeping through it all

I wonder what our reaction would be? How deep is our faith when things seem to go wrong? I often wish I had a pound coin for every person that tells me “I lost my faith” – when something in their lives was not as they had wished. Of course they don’t really mean it. Most people, even in Britain still believe in God – but they often fall out with him when something doesn’t seem to go their way. There is a lovely story about a child who takes an exam and realises she has put down the river Amazon as flowing through Africa, rather than South America. She then prays that God will change where the river flows for her – and says she no longer believes in him when it doesn’t happen!

So what storms have you experienced recently? Of course, the major one has been Covid-19 and the pandemic. As I write, it looks very likely that our final stages of re-opening will be delayed – and that we shall have to postpone some of things that we have been looking forward to. But, like those first disciples we are challenged by Jesus to put our faith in him. Maybe the disciples thought that no storms should occur whilst they had Jesus in the boat with them?  - but the truth was that they had to trust him with whatever outcome finally came about

We all have disappointments in life. The faith to which we are called asks us to trust in Jesus, the Lord of life. Ultimately, perhaps he might know better than us

Ian Cardinal

Prayers of intercession


When dangers invade our sense of safety

and we wonder if our Redeemer cares,

we hear the invitation:

Be at peace. Be calm.

We trust in you, O Lord


When we face job loss and financial downturns,

and our sense of security is shaky,

we hear the invitation:

Be at peace. Be calm.

We trust in you, O Lord


When our congregations experience distress, conflict,

and loss of significant leadership,

we hear the invitation:

Be at peace. Be calm.

We trust in you, O Lord



When controversial issues and rigidity of spirit

threaten to tear at the very fabric of the faith community,

we hear the invitation:

Be at peace. Be calm.

We trust in you, O Lord



When our lives feel chaotic and desolate

because of illness or sorrow,

we hear the invitation:

Be at peace. Be calm.

We trust in you, O Lord


When the shadow of death seems ever present

When loss and fear seem overwhelming

When we are tempted to abandon hope and faith

we hear the invitation:

Be at peace. Be calm.

We trust in you, O Lord



Help us to know, O God,

that the one who calmed the dangerous sea is present with us,

cares for us, and can calm the stormy waters of our lives.

Help us to trust more fully and more deeply in you.

We pray in the name of Jesus, who invites us to be at peace.



Those we include inourprayers

Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Elsie Richardson, Vera Tomkinson, Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, John Richardson, Peter Bowler, Catherine Ritchie, James Astle, Miles Brain, John & Ann Shuttleworth, Margaret Wright, Molly Wright, Norman Latham, Mary Leigh, Gillian Wright, John Hargreaves, Val Morris, June Stringer, Jim Hammersley, Duncan Leak, Carl Hartley, Karen Hartley, Alison Holmes, Pam Miles, Kath Franks, Mark Green, Roy Richardson, Lewis Hubbard, Jean Gulliver, Margaret Tomlinson, Dave McGlynn


For the recently departed, remembering their families and friends:

Doreen Sproson


For those whose year’s mind falls in this month from St Michael’s:

Elizabeth Sadler 1986, Kenneth Williams 1986, John Horne 1991, Arthur Bolderstone 1994, Geoff Wright 1994, Alfred Downing 1985,Edward Miles 1999, Irene Long 1999, Annie Holliman 2003, Dennis Long 2004, Richard Stubbs 2003, Rose Lloyd 1990, Roy Hodgkinson 1990, Noel Banks 1976, Peggy Sims 2013, Maureen Evans 2013, Janet Hilary Hyde 2020


and from St Saviour’s:

Revd Laurence Waldron 2005, Arna Barlow 1993, John Benbow 2005, Fraser Munro 1993, Rita Biggs 2010, James Illing 1993, Mary Sedgwick 2011, Kevin Butterworth 1994, Elsie Pattyson 2017, George Northfield 1995, Margery Allen 2019, Vernon Brown 1996, Mary Shardlow 2020, Frances Plant 1999, Andrew Kane 1999, Beatrice Dix 2000, Meg Stanley 2002, Anthony Hulse 2003, Patricia Finney 2005






St Michael & St Wulfad and St Saviour Church

Cycle of Prayer for our benefice


Week 1

Church St, The Coppice Estate, George Rd, Hempbutts, High St, Mill St, Morrisons, Crown St, Joules Court, St Michaels Close, Lichfield St, businesses in High St and Mill St


Week 2

Priory Estate, Abbey St, Lichfield Rd, Grange Rd, Millwalk, Shepley Close, Redlands, Brookfield Court, Pingle Lane, Ridgeway, Flax Croft, Westover Drive, Parkhouse Drive, Old Rectory Road, Claremont Close, Cedar Park, Parkway, Aston Lodge Park, Aston


Week 3

Stone Golf Club, Stone Cricket Club, Community Fire Station, Trent Clinic, Doctors Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Pharmacies and all the staff, St Michaels First School, Pirehill First School, Manor Rise, Walton Priory, The Moorings, Summerfield Court, Autumn House


Week 4

Walton Grange, Stafford Rd, Stafford Close, Stonehouse Hotel, Stone Business Park, Aldi, Farms within the parish, Eccleshall Rd, Cherryfields Estate, Walton Way, Walton Community Centre, Whitemill Lane and Air Ministry Estate


Week 5

Pirehill Lane, Beacon Rise and environs, Longhope Rd, Fillybrooks, Residents on A34, Udell Grange, Anwyl Homes, Sweepers Ave, Blundell Drive and environs, Common Lane, Crestwood Drive, Foxwood Close, Tilling Drive Estate