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Berwyn Babb

By administrator - Posted on 14 February 2013

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Berwyn was born in a house to the north of the town, which is the last home with a Stoke-on-Trent postcode, the basis for his rather dubious claim to be a " Stokey ".


He was confirmed at St Michael's Church (as it was then known) on the 22nd of March 1961, and became an altar server, PCC member, Deanery Synod rep, and secretary of the Missionary Committee.

He is married to Mary, and since 1983, they have worshipped at St Saviours, where she is now churchwarden. They have three adult children, and two grandchildren (so far).


He is now retired, after being a shopkeeper for 16 years, and spending the rest of his career working in adult social care, in one form or another.


Today he is the person you should contact if you want to have a parish magazine delivered to your home, or if you need your copy replacing. Outside church, he can often be found selling tickets on the Amerton railway, playing indoor bowls, or just enjoying helping Mary when its their turn to look after the grandchildren.

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