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September 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 01 September 2012

Rectory Ramblings


“And now, the end is near” sang Frank Sinatra: and as I write I know that many of you will be feeling a little sad that Sally, our Assistant Curate since 2009, is almost at the end of her time here. For any that have not heard the news, Sally is to be an “Interim Minister” in the Hanley Team (pending their review and reorganisation) with Diocesan responsibilities for vulnerable adults. I am sure I speak for many when I say we shall miss her ready smile and open spirituality.

But this is also the point at which we take a very firm leave of Frank Sinatra: because for all of us, this represents not an end, but a beginning! For Sally and her family there are the excitements of new challenges and a fresh look at where they are. But surely for us in this benefice, it is just the same! God isn’t leaving with Sally – and we are caught up into new things and new ways. Dag Hammarskjold memorably summed this up when he wrote “For all that has been – Thanks; to all that will be – Yes!” God in Christ Jesus calls us all onwards – not for nothing are we called the “Followers of the Way.”

And there is so much going on still! September will see the start of “Messy Church” – our attempt to follow some excellent work that has been done nationwide in attracting younger families to hear the Christian message. Our first meeting will be held on Saturday 15th September from 3pm till 5.30pm in St Michael’s Hall. Whilst no-one wants to pretend that this is the “silver bullet” that solves all the Church’s problems, it has been massively successful in other places and we need to firmly grasp this opportunity. In addition the Church School will hold their School welcome service in St Michael’s on 30th September – and there are events for fundraising, let alone preparations for Harvest for us to think of

And it does seem to me that Christians are, by definition, people who are called to look forwards. In one of the Churches in which I have worked in the past was an elderly gentleman who could never see any good in the current age, because (in his view) it was a pale shadow of the glories of the past. Whereas not all change is always for the good, we as the people of God are supposed to be focussed on God’s Kingdom and what we shall all become! Never do we see St Paul suggesting that his life was boring in comparison to the Damascus Road experience.

So onwards, Brothers and Sisters. God has great things in mind for us all!


Ian Cardinal






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Harvest Thanksgiving

This year Harvest will be celebrated at St Michael & St Wulfad’s Church on October 7th and St Saviour’s on October 14th.


School Welcome service

St Michael’s school will be holding their service of Welcome on September 30th at 10.45am. All comers of all ages will be welcome!


Holywell Pilgriamage

Once again an intrepid band of pilgrims graced St Winifred’s Well with their presence on July 14th. And once again the day was wonderfully accomplished with a mix of humour and good fun blending with the prayers and solemnity of the sense of the presence of God with us. I know folks enjoyed the day because I have already been asked about a return visit next year!

But this year especial thanks go to Mike Ward, who booked and drove the Green Bus for us. I don’t think we took a single wrong turning – thanks Mike!