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October 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 01 October 2012

Rectory Ramblings


As I write, Steph and I have recently returned from Lichfield Cathedral, where large numbers of people from our Diocese gathered for the Annual Licensing and Admission of Readers and the Licensing of other Lay Ministers. It was, as always, an inspiring occasion – and one that underlines the New Testament ideal that Ministry for God is not limited to the Ordained: rather it is something that incorporates all God’s people

One of the things that has been striking in the Church over the last three decades has been the success of the training and authorising of other forms of Ministry. Of course, this is not a new idea: you may find it in Biblical times – and the Medieval Church had, not three (Bishop Priest and Deacon) but SEVEN Orders of Ministry, four of which have dropped out of common usage. It is true that the Diocese of Lichfield has more Readers than it does Priests – and we have two wonderful examples of their Ministry in Dennis and Berwyn.

But the real reason I write about this for this issue of the Magazine, is that we shall be celebrating Harvest this month: although it remains a very popular part of the Church year, it’s also true that the word “Harvest” is rarely to be found in the mouth of Jesus – and of course it is still not a “season” in the Church’s year!

So what is Harvest in Church really all about? A recognition that we are in the hands of a Creator God and his fruitful Creation, yes! But that’s not really the central point. The real question is – are we fruitful people for God – and what does being fruitful really mean?

Bishop Geoff has written of his strong disagreement with the old “saw” that you can be a good Christian and not ever go to Church – and of course he’s right. If being a Christian has any part of being Christ-like within it, then it is clear that Worship was a huge part of the life of Jesus. We miss it at our peril – because we miss out on so much, let alone the nurturing and encouraging of each other that Sundays entail. Indeed, missing worship could be deemed to be selfish, if we fail to do our part in the body of Christ’s people!

But perhaps even this isn’t good enough: Inspector Javert sings the words in Les Miserables:

Honest work – Just reward

That’s the way to please the Lord!

And of course we know that he’s mistaken: Pleasing the Lord is rather more about a kind heart, a joyful life and the Peace of God which passes all understanding! Because true fruitfulness in Christian terms, is to do with what God is growing within us, by the implanting of his Holy Spirit

By the time you read this, we shall have had another Confirmation service –Bishop Geoff is due to Confirm 7 people from our Benefice this year – and you can only see the joy and anticipation in their faces, as they look forward to discovering what God may have in mind for them

So – what has God in store for you? May he grow within you the fruit of his Spirit – and may some, at least, be destined for important roles within the life of his Church!

Enjoy the harvest


Ian Cardinal




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October 7th

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October 14th

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Harvest Thanksgiving

This year Harvest will be celebrated at St Michael & St Wulfad’s Church on October 7th and St Saviour’s on October 14th.

The Harvest Supper will be held as a “Bring and Share” occasion on October 6th at p.m. in St Michael’s Hall – everyone welcome!


Sadder news

This month I am sorry to have to tell you that we have lost two very long standing members of our Church families: from St Saviour’s Aston Ruby Weston simply failed to wake up one morning and was buried with her husband on Friday 7th September

And from St Michael & St Wulfad’s Gwen Harvey also slipped away after the last few years of living in Autumn House.

Both these two ladies will be enormously missed – and our love and prayers are with their families


Confirmed in Christ

But more joyfully, Seven are due to be Confirmed as I write: do join me in praying for James Bufton, Emily Franks, Charlotte Woolford, Helen Martin, Bev Howells, Susan Rowley and Kimberly Ridley.

Let your Holy Spirit rest upon them:

the Spirit of wisdom and understanding;

the Spirit of counsel and inward strength;

the Spirit of knowledge and true godliness;

and let their delight be in the fear of the Lord.