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November 2011

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 31 October 2011


Rectory Ramblings


            As I write, Stone’s Food and Drink Festival has just been completed for another year – and what a magnificent weekend it was this year! Spurred on by some unseasonably warm and dry weather, the numbers in town seemed to exceed all expectations! I know that one year at least 22,000 were expected to have visited – and I would be surprised if records were not broken this year

             But of course this is is only the tip of the iceberg for God’s people: "It is written,"'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God'" says Jesus in St Matthew’s version of the temptations, quoting well known passages from the Old Testament. It’s no good feeding the body if the soul is wasting away! And I am pleased to say that this truth is undoubtedly one that is slowly being grasped by the folk of this country. Far from latching on to new atheism being peddled by the Media, it is clear that the spiritual starvation of which I speak is becoming of real concern to folks. Church Schools have never been so popular as now: and the figures seem to show that this year’s Harvest has been one of the largest in Church for many years

            Of course it doesn’t end there – and we have also been thrilled to see the numbers for Confirmation growing. What is Confirmation? It is kneeling in front of one of our Bishops and renewing and Confirming those promises that were made on our behalf sat our baptism. In return the Bishop anoints candidates with oil and prays for them to be renewed by the Holy Spirit. This year we have been delighted to see a Confirmation service held at Aston Church – the first for over 50 years! Let’s hope and pray, just as we pray for those candidates, that this is the beginning of something new and exciting in all our lives

            But again this is just the beginning: just as it would be disappointing if those candidates never came near the Church again, so too for ourselves: there is no such thing as the Christian who never worships, never reads the Bible, never prays, never receives the sacraments! Each of us is given the chance of a lifelong nurture in God’s hands – and each of us needs to feed in these ways

            Food and Drink festival? In Church life it’s every week! We celebrate the Lord of the Harvest who gives richly to his children




Ian Cardinal



The day after All Saints day is dedicated to the memory of the faithful departed, and we shall be holding a benefice service at St Michael & St Wulfad’s Church at 7.30pm on November 2nd. All those who have had a family funeral during the last year are invited – and we ourselves are invited to remember loved ones by lighting a candle in this service. (there are sheets at the back of each Church for the names of loved ones to be read out during the prayers). Please come and support us in the vital Ministry









8am Stone

9.15am Aston

10.45am Stone

6th November

Roy Ball

Mary Babb

Richard Moss

13th November


Sheila Howells


20th November


Steph Cardinal

Margaret Moss

27th November

Ted Pick



4th December

Annette Hawkins

Bryan Fletcher

Dennis Abbott




CONGRATULATIONS to Ashleigh Dawson, Louise Ansar, Helen Tallent & Peter Tallent as they were Confirmed in Aston Church on October 2nd. It was a moving and wonderful service and we promise to pray for you as you take this important step of Christian discipleship



St Michael & St Wulfad is pleased to announce its second Christmas Tree festival running from December 2nd to 4th. This year we hope to have more displays, more visitors and more funds for the Donna Louise Hospice! The culmination of the Festival will be the Christingle Service on Dec 4th at 4pm, when our Mayor, Cllr Mrs June Price will choose the winner of the displays this year Do come and see!