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May 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 01 May 2012

Rectory Ramblings


As I write, Holy Week is just ending: it has been as touching and remarkable as always – and I look forward with eager anticipation to the Easter Celebrations that are to come. But of course they would be as nothing unless Holy Week had come before: it’s only when we realise that God has walked with us in the darkest places of our lives that we can properly enjoy his invitation to Truer Living

But one of the most poignant moments in Holy Week was on Wednesday April 4th, when Bishop Geoff kindly agreed to come to Summerfield Court to Confirm some of the residents there. We have been holding a regular service of Holy Communion there for the last two years – and gradually it became clear that some of those who live there wished to be Confirmed, although some would be too frail to expect them to get to Church.

So there were 4 Candidates – but then there were 6 as two younger Candidates (who didn’t want to wait till our Confirmation in the Autumn) joined in. One lady discovered a clash of dates and had to wait as well, but the little group for preparation began to gain a life of its own! Never less than a dozen of us met for prayer and study, for a sharing of faith stories and song. And that group wants to continue meeting: a true “Fresh expression of Church” as these are called these days.

That Wednesday was one to remember: Bishop Geoff met with about 50 of us in the main lounge at Summerfield Court! It was a dramatic and touching occasion as many of us from our own congregations joined in with these people. They had supporters from their families and friends and it was a wonderful moment in life very clearly for all of us that were there

Bishop Gordon used to have a memorable expression – that “for a Christian, the best is yet to be!” All too often we catch ourselves looking backwards - sometimes with longing – for an often mythical, or misremembered, past. But as people of God we are taught to look forwards – to all that God intends.

So what does God have in mind for you? Would you like to be Confirmed? Bishop Geoff will be with us in Church on September 16th. Very soon we shall be asking if there is anyone who would like to join us in this stage of the journey. Easter means new chances and fresh opportunities – why not join in with our newly Confirmed to see where the Lord may be leading?


Ian Cardinal


Many Congratulations to:

Gordon Clews, Liz Oldbury, Vanessa Renshaw, Mary Osgathorpe & Peggy Wright who were Confirmed on that marvellous occasion






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Thank you

As usual Lent and Holy Week have been dramatic occasions and Sally & I mwould like to express our thanks to everyone who has been so supportive all though the Season. So thank you


  • To everyone who has attended the Lent Course this year, and to those who have been so regular at Morning and Evening Prayer. There were a couple of occasions when we were alone on Tuesdays at Aston, but mostly they were well supported

  • To all those who worked hard with flowers for the Easter weekend: both our churches look fabulous

  • To all those who came to all those special services in Holy Week and Easter

  • To those who continue to work hard behind the scenes, with books, candles, printing, paperwork etc, to make everything go smoothly

  • To Musicians and Choristers, who truly went the extra mile to make everything so special

  • Especially to those brave souls who provided breakfast, once again after the 6am Service of Light! You make it all worthwhile

  • But chiefly YOUSELVES (as they used to say on TV) because your prayers, your faithfulness etc makes such a difference – and you make it truly worthwhile.