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March 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 01 March 2012


Rectory Ramblings


And once again it’s Lent. By the time you receive this magazine the season will have begun – in our benefice with the Ash Wednesday Eucharist on February 22nd. But as usual we shall be following a Lent course in Church. During a celebration of Holy Communion on Wednesday evening we have an array of speakers from within our Diocese, each bringing a different insight on their work as part of the Mission of the Church

Mission: an oft-used word – but what does it mean, in all reality? It sometimes brings a sinking kind of feeling in people’s minds as they wonder if we are to be exhorted to go and knock on every door in the parish, a bit like the Jehovah’s witnesses. But in reality that is a very partial view of what Mission is. The word comes from the Latin word Missioto send. Unlike Judaism from which it springs, the Christian faith has always had a missionary imperative – “Go out into all the world” says the risen Jesus at the end of St Matthew’s Gospel – and of course that’s what the early church,  in particular, managed to do

Go! – but to do what? Teach, baptize etc. certainly, but also to do what the Lord himself did, in relieving suffering, tend the sick and even visit those in prison. We are certainly not here simply to spread the faith, but to make the world a better place; to remind us of our common humanity and to give the downtrodden the simple dignity that being beloved children of God deserves

Each of our parishes has been working hard on a Mission Action plan: these things are not a total answer of course; but they do help us to focus on the small things that may help us in our Church’s Mission. They make us think of practical things we can do which will highlight the work of Jesus in his Church today

So do come and hear about the Church’s Mission from  our speakers: they have so many different things to teach us – about Mission in our Diocesan retreat house, Mission in training lay and ordained people today: mission across the world and how we can be involved – so many different things for us to think about

And the real message of Lent? It’s about new beginnings. 5 Years into my time here among you as Rector I am conscious that we have only just begun to scratch the surface in our work together. Let’s make that new fresh start as Lent begins


Ian Cardinal





8am Stone

9.15am Aston

10.45am Stone

4th March


Mary Babb

Dennis Abbott

11th March


Berwyn Babb

Steph Cardinal

18th March

Ted Pick

Mike Ducie

St Michael’s school

25th March

Annette Hawkins


Bob Davies

1st April

Roy Ball

Bryan Fletcher





Paying the bills

Since I wrote in the last issue of the magazine about the struggles we were having financially at St Michael & St Wulfad’s I have been extremely heartened by some generous responses that have come in. These haver included both individual donations and folks wishing to increase their general giving. To all of these I wish to say thank you very much indeed! Your generous response has been more than welcome at such a difficult time

There has been a question I have been asked though: this is as to why we have come to this pass. The general answer is that so much has been increasing – and I do not need to tell you that such a huge building costs an enormous amount to heat!  Energy costs have risen tremendously proportionately in the last few years and sadly this hits the Church as hard as anyone else

But the second is a slightly darker reason, in terms of vandalism and theft. The tower window was smashed during the year – Insurance excess of £500. Just before Christmas the vestry roof tiles were discovered to have been damaged by missiles being thrown up there – cost £1,000. Even on Christmas Eve there were reports of people on the roof asttempting to find lead to steal – and although fruitless their efforts managed to smash some of our drainpipes, which have only just been repaired. We ask all our neighbours to be vigilant and to report any nefarious activities to the Police straight away!

Thank you all for your help. We still have some way to go before we become financially solvent again, but this has been a wonderful start and we are grateful.


Ian Cardinal


Lent Course

Wednesdays in Lent: 7.30pm at St Michael & St Wulfad’s Church


Our Speakers this year, hail from different aspects of the work of the Church. Each of them has a distinctive Ministry and task within the Diocese of Lichfield and we look forward to hearing about what sustains and encourages them within their part of the Church’s Ministry. Each speaker will talk within the context of the Eucharist and there will be time for

Coffee and questions afterwards


Wednesday 29th February—Mr Simon Hudson.

Simon is the Warden of Shallowford House, our Diocesan retreat & Conference centre


Wednesday  7th March— The Rev’d Philip Swan. Philip is relatively new to our Diocese and delights in the title of “Director of World Mission”


Wednesday 14th March—The Rev’d Lesley Bentley. Lesley is Director Ministry, helping to resource Parish Ministers & especially involved in the

Ministerial development  of Curates


Wednesday 21st March  The Rev’d David

Newsome. David is the Diocesan Director of Ordinands, helping folks to discern their Vocation


Wednesday 28th March—The Rev’d Ian Cardinal—Mission set in Stone?