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June 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 01 June 2012

Rectory Ramblings


Our love, prayers and congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen as she celebrates with the Nation in this, the year of her Diamond Jubilee. There have been very few Monarchs that have achieved great longevity: and the only one that has reigned longer (so far) is Queen Victoria in the 19th and 20th Centuries

It’s worth considering what a Jubilee is, though. Rather than just a “junket”, a Jubilee is a deeply Biblical concept, originating in the Old Testament. In the book of Leviticus the Israelites were told that two things were of fundamental importance: one was the Sabbath, when the people could rest from their labours. This was not just a 7th day, but a 7th year, though – and the words of Jesus that it was “made for man” was of great significance: it wasn’t supposed to be dull or boring – but rather a great boon to the people!

But the other item of fundamental importance was indeed the Jubilee: every 50th year was to be an extraordinary year – in fact a kind of year zero. If land or property had been sold it was to return to its original owner without payment; if slaves had been taken, through their economic misfortune, then they were to be freed! The poorest would then become equal with the richest – and the whole notion was therefore about justice and peace

So why is the Queen celebrating a Jubilee? Here the answer is about what a Monarch is for. Again in Biblical terms, the King was always a kind of Senior Judge: rather than someone who enforces a kind of Dictatorship, the King is seen a person who grants justice: their Laws are laws to protect the weak and the innocent: their whole job was to be an icon of the care of God for those who are so often unable to care for themselves

Now, I am far from declaring that Britain is always a place of justice and equality: only recently we have seen instances of people “at the top” rewarding themselves with fantastic sums of money, whilst those “at the bottom” of society seem to become ever more distanced from them. But there are undoubtedly many things that we can and should give thanks for: not least amongst these is that we do, by and large, live in a Society where the rule of Law is fairly equally applied – and the Christian ideals of Justice and Fairness are still the ones that we uphold.

And it is not totally the realm of fantasy to say that this is partly personified by the rule of Her majesty the Queen. Whether you are a Royalist or not, it is undoubted that the Queen has devoted her life to the Service of our Nation: She was not born expecting to have to do this, but she has chosen to give her life in this way. As such she is to be admired and applauded – and this year especially, we thank God for her

A little further on you will see how our two Churches are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. We hope for a wonderful weekend when we can enjoy the events, both in St Michael & St Wulfad’s Churchyard and down at Aston marina for the Songs of Praise. Do come and give thanks together for this remarkable year


Ian Cardinal






8am Stone

9.15am Aston

10.45am Stone

June 3rd

Ted Pick

Bryan Fletcher

Andy King

June 10th


Berwyn Babb


June 17th


Mike Ducie


June 24th

Roy Ball

Steph Cardinal

Bob Davies

July 1st

Annette Hawkins

Mary Babb

Dennis Abbott


Pilgrimage to Holywell

It is two years since we last held a day Pilgrimage to Holywell and we would very much like to have another. The day involves a minibus outing to the Shrine of Saint Winifred, where we hold a short service of prayer and fill our bottles with Holy Water. Later we have a picnic lunch in Colwyn Bay and some free time before returning home for tea

These outings have been great fun in the past, as well as something for us to think and pray about. Do put the date in your diaries




Civic Service

As I write the date has not yet been confirmed, but the new Mayor of Stone has asked me to serve as Chaplain once again, which I am delighted to do. It seems most likely that the service will be held on Sunday July 1st at 10.45am