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July & August 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 01 July 2012

Rectory Ramblings


The Jubilee celebrations have come and gone – now on to the next thing and The Olympic Games! The poor old Olympic flame got rather squeezed out of view by the Dear Old Queen, but now it hoves into sight once more as other things fade into the background

And the Olympics have great ideals in themselves: Nations striving with each other: but not in warfare, but in sporting achievement! Here the great human family comes together to celebrate the ideals of nobility, sportsmanship, peace and human achievement.

Except…. Sadly, that’s as far as it goes! Again and again the Olympic ideals have been mocked by the reality. In Munich 1972 there was an attack upon Israeli athletes. Again and again there have been controversies over the way in which medals have been won: was there cheating? Were athletes using doping? And (for those of us that remember the Cold war years) were some of those women athletes not really men?

This is just to start with; there then go on to more and more questions about whether or not the Olympics were just a way of making us feel good about humanity: in 1936 the Games were used as a celebration of the Nazi regime in Berlin. In 1980 the overshadowing of Afghanistan made some Western nations refuse to take part in the Moscow games; and again and again there were ructions about South African athletes in the Apartheid years. This year there will surely be questions about the nations caught up in the Arab Spring, and particularly Syria.

So is it all worth it? Of course it is – the games represent the best that can be in their ideals. But let’s have reality about what is happening in the world today

In the 1960s there used to be an optimistic and naïve song The Family of man. The Chorus ran

It’s the family of man – keeps growing

The family of Man – keeps sowing

The seeds of a new life every day

It was naïve because the family of man is, and was, going nowhere. It’s not the family of man that gives the world hope – it’s the family of God!

You see the real hope for the world, the real optimism that things can be better, can only come about once we recognize the truth: that we are sinful beings that tend to get things wrong – and only in the hands of God can we find the redemption that will ultimately grant us a future

So maybe we should re-write that song:

It’s the family of God – keeps growing

The family of God – keeps sowing

The seeds of a new life every day


For it is when we come together under the one Great God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ that things become possible


Enjoy the Olympics!


Ian Cardinal








8am Stone

9.15am Aston

10.45am Stone

July 1st

Annette Hawkins

Mary Babb

Dennis Abbott

July 8th

Roy Ball


Nichola Abbott

July 15th


Mike Ducie

Richard Moss

July 22nd


Lin Davies

Steph Cardinal

July 29th

Ted Pick

Berwyn Babb

Margaret Moss

August 5th

Annette Hawkins

Bryan Fletcher


August 12th

Roy Ball

Mary Babb

Sue Coles

August 19th



Bob Davies

August 26th

Ted Pick



September 2nd


Mary Babb

Andy King


Pilgrimage to Holywell July 14th

As advertised in the June edition, we shall be conducting another Pilgrimage to the Shine of St Winifred on July 14th this year. The day comprises a minibus outing with prayers and singing to Holywell, where we take time to visit the Shrine and say our prayers. After this we aim for a picnic lunch in Colwyn Bay, free time in the afternoon and finally a Fish and Chip supper before we return home

Exact costs have yet to be worked out, but it seems unlikely to cost more than £16 each (for the hire of the bus) plus spending money for Fish and Chips and anything else

Do come! The last two have been great fun – and very worthwile!


A right royal thank you

The Jubilee weekend is written of fulsomely elsewhere in the magazine, but I would want to pay tribute to everyone who made our celebrations possible: to those who laboured with tables, chairs, tents and food for the Barbecue: to those at Aston marina who allowed us use of their facilities: to those brave souls who (literally) held the Marquee together whilst we sang and celebrated: to the Musicians who came together very successfully on the Sunday afternoon: to Cllr Mike Williamson who carried the gas equipment and supervised the Beacon for the Monday evening, to Dennis Abbott who oversaw the tower and Philip Leason who provide the “fizz” : to the Gillow family and all their helpers who raised over £1500 towards purchasing the Seal for us on the Tuesday. You were all wonderful

A hugely memorable and wonderful weekend, in which it was such a privilege to participate!