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April 2010

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 31 March 2010


“They had expected to see the grey heathery slope of the moor, going up and up to join the dull autumn sky. Instead a blaze of sunshine met them. It poured through the doorway as the light of a June day pours into a garage when you open the door………. And the sunlight was coming from what certainly did look like a different world…” So wrote CS Lewis in “the Silver Chair” – one of the “Chronicles of Narnia, of course.



But I wonder if the disciple felt like that on Easter Day? Of course they were transformed – and when they least expected it. Jesus, in whom they had invested all their hopes, was dead – brutally snatched away at the very moment when they had seen the adulation of the Jerusalem crowds – tortured into death by the very religious Leaders who ought to have knelt before him.


“And everyone suddenly burst out singing” – that’s another quote of course – Siegfried Sassoon this time, as the Armistice began in November 1918! But that’s what it was obviously like: from doom and despair, suddenly Jesus was there! Impossibly, gloriously present and alive! – and it must have felt as though that warm sunshine had burst into a world of dull grey autumnal sky.

The problem of course is that so many people didn’t know what they knew. Into that glorious sunlight crawled a people who were totally oblivious to it – so much so that they wanted to slam the door and blot it out of the world – who wants sunshine anyway? The High Priest and his cronies even tried to lie their way out of it, spreading stories about how it was a fable made up by disciples who had improbably been able to steal the body of Jesus. And the Romans weren’t far behind – these Christians were a nuisance, after all.

But that’s the Easter message – and the sunshine of the presence of God continues to stream into our world for those with even half an eye to see it. True, we are still surrounded by those who willingly want to block it all out – but the truth is that we are called to live as Children of Light – to be the people who sing – to see the wonderful truth in a darkened world

So I invite you to celebrate with us. Easter Day is 4th April and our services are: EASTER DAY 4th APRIL

    6.00am Service of light, Easter Vigil and first Eucharist of Easter
    Followed by Paschal breakfast
    St Michael & St Wulfad’s
    8am Holy Communion St Michael & St Wulfad’s
    9.15 am Holy Communion St Saviour’s (Modern language rite)
    10.45am Festal Sung Eucharist St Michael & St Wulfad’s

May God bless you all this Easter with light and hope Ian Cardinal