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20th November 2011

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 20 November 2011



The Parish Churches of

St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone, with

St Saviour Aston by Stone




Stir up Sunday again – name taken from the Post Communion Collect of course, though also taken to remind generations of Mums and housewives that it is time to make the Christmas puddings!

But of course it’s nothing to do with that really: it’s a reminder that the Church, unlike James Bond’s famous cocktails needs to be stirred not shaken! As the year ends and Advent begins, we are reminded that our world is a temporary place and that the things we so often worry about and strive for are simply not worth the trouble!

“Repent, the end is nigh” – I can remember little old gentlemen wearing sandwich boards with this message in Birmingham. But however much generations of Christians may have been mistaken about the “time and the hour” the truth is there: one day our world will simply come to an end – and then the veils will be drawn back and we shall see Our Lord face to face – the ultimate reality

And so we should prepare for that day: and the old Church that often seems creaky and self-obsessed should proclaim a clear message, stirred from our somnolence: we should proclaim the truth of the day – the Christ our Lord is King and Master – and that all else pales into insignificance in comparison to the joy of knowing him!


Ian Cardinal




Hymns for today

                                Aston                                    Stone                   

            480                                             15

            432                                             117

                                81                                           Sheet

            66/404                                      276/10

                103                                         103

Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Val Gerrard, Dorothy Burton, Mavis Pick, Dorothy Shelton, Helen Zeter, Mary Townsend, Francis Wright, Mavis Foster, Tristan Simms, Kerris Sutherland, Linda Timms, Malcolm Nixon, Neil & Pat Wynne, , Malcolm Clark, Poppy Buckley, Christine Thomas, Sarah Wright, Terry Malkin, Emma Davis, Angela Rose, Ben King, John Allbut, Philip Hulme, Mervyn Griffiths, Shirley Myerson, Joan Morris, Peggy Sims


And for the departed:

Amy Bolderston, Ethel Irving, Ryan Banks

Remembering their families and friends at this time

This week:

Monday 21st 7.30pm Ministry Team Meeting - Rectory

Tuesday 22nd 11.45am – 1pm Drop Inn Café – St Michael’s Hall

Wednesday 23rd – Stone PCC meets - Church

Thursday 24th 10.30am Holy Communion St Michael & St Wulfad

Friday 25th 7pm ADVENT CONCERT – St M&W


STIR UP SUNDAY This Sunday!. As per last year, St Michael & St Wulfad’s will be making Christmas puddings as a part of the service at 10.45am. There are slips at the back of each Church if you would like to order one (or more!)


CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL 2nd -4th December St M&W Lots of help needed to staff the Church, provide refreshments etc. Please see Jean Sutton for volunteering for a very good cause! Coffee Morning on Saturday 3rd


ASTON CHRISTMAS FAIR Saturday 3rd December –starting 2pm in Aston Village hall


ADVENT CONCERT with the children from St Michael’s & Pirehill School and Stone Town band – 7pm Friday 25th –cost £3. Don’t miss this lovely event!