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18th March 2012

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 18 March 2012



The Parish Churches of

St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone, with

St Saviour Aston by Stone


THE BIG SPRING CLEANAt St Michael & St Wulfad’s; Saturday 31st from 9.30am. Can you spare some time to help? Please sign the sheet at the back


TWO SAINTS WAYis a pilgrimage route being set up between Chester and Lichfield with Stone as one of the stopping points on the way. Pilgrims are walking the way and will be stopping in Stone at roughly 4pm on 29th March. That evening there will be a meeting with the Historical society + viewing of the Seal at 7.30pm. The following morning at 9am the pilgrims will be blessed at their setting off at 9am. All welcome to join in any of these


Mothering Sunday was also known as Refreshment Sunday because the fasting rules for Lent were relaxed that day. Originally, both Old and New Testament lessons on mid-lent Sunday made a point of food. The Gospel reading from the New Testament told the story of how Jesus fed five thousand people with only five small barley loaves and two small fish.


The food item specially associated with Mothering Sunday is the Simnel cake. A Simnel cake is a fruit cake with two layers of almond paste, one on top and one in the middle. The cake is made with 11 balls of marzipan icing on top representing the 11 disciples. (Judas is not included.) Traditionally, sugar violets would also be added.

The name Simnel probably comes from the Latin word simila which means a fine wheat flour usually used for baking a cake.

There's a legend that a man called Simon and his wife Nell argued over whether the cake for Mothering Sunday should be baked or boiled. In the end they did both, so the cake was named after both of them: SIM-NELL.


Ian Cardinal


Hymns for today

                                Aston                                    Stone                   

 479                                        All on sheet       






Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Val Gerrard, Dorothy Burton, Mavis Pick,  Helen Zeter, Mary Townsend, Francis Wright, Mavis Foster, Tristan Simms, Kerris Sutherland, Linda Timms, Malcolm Nixon, Neil & Pat Wynne, , Malcolm Clark, Poppy Buckley, Christine Thomas, Sarah Wright, Terry Malkin, Emma Davis, Angela Rose, Ben King, John Allbut, Philip Hulme, Shirley Myerson, Peggy Sims, Sam Potts, Gwen Harvey, Dianne Harvey, Peggy Gray

And for the departed:


Albert Trivet, Timothy Hughes, Dorothy Garlick, Peter Oultram, Joan Hagan

Remembering their families and friends at this time


This week:

Monday 19th 9am & 5pm Morning & Evening Prayer St M&W

7.30pm Stone PCC meets - Church

Tuesday 13th 9am & 5pm Morning & Evening Prayer St Saviour’s

11.45am – 1pm Drop Inn Café – St Michael’s Hall

Wednesday 21st 7.30pm St M&W Holy Communion & LENT COURSE

 – The Rev’d David Newsome

Thursday 22nd 10.30am Holy Communion St Michael & St Wulfad


LENT COURSE this Wednesday:-  Holy Communion with address, Coffee and then question time. This week: The Rev’d David Newsome, Diocesan Director of Ordinands


EASTER FLOWERS can be purchased in memory of a loved one. Sheet at the back of St Michael & St Wulfad’s.  To purchase Lilies for St Saviour's, please see Christine Burton.


CHRISTIAN AID SPONSORED WALKat Tittesworth reservoir – Saturday 24th March starting 10am. At least one of the King family is planning to undertake this – extra walkers are welcome, but SPONSORS are needed for this worthy cause! (Andy has contracted to match whatever he gains in sponsor money!)