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5th January 2019

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 04 January 2019

The Parish Churches of

St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone, with

St Saviour Aston by Stone


LADIES GROUPPut Thursday 14th March 2019 into your diaries – further details to come!



It might have been just someone else’s story,

Some chosen people get a special king.

We leave them to their own peculiar glory,

We don’t belong, it doesn’t mean a thing.

But when these three arrive they bring us with them,

Gentiles like us, their wisdom might be ours;

A steady step that finds an inner rhythm,

A  pilgrim’s eye that sees beyond the stars.

They did not know his name but still they sought him,

They came from otherwhere but still they found;

In temples they found those who sold and bought him,

But in the filthy stable, hallowed ground.

Their courage gives our questing hearts a voice

To seek, to find, to worship, to rejoice.


Malcolm Guite



Now the Feast of the Epiphany is both the end of Christmas and the beginning of the Church’s Epiphany Season which she keeps until the Feast of the Presentation (or Candlemas), on February 2nd. On the Sundays of this Epiphany season it is traditional to move from the this first great ‘epiphany’ or manifestation of glory to the Gentiles, to contemplate the other ‘epiphanies’ that mark the beginning of Christ’s Ministry; the Heaven’s opening at his baptism, the Calling of his disciples, especially the ‘epiphany moment’ granted to Nathanael, and promised to all of us, and then finally the first of his miracles, his ‘signs whereby he manifested his glory’; the Miracle at Cana in Galilee


Hymns for today

                        Aston                          Stone              

            71                                451

            Ps 72 1-9                     118

113                              sheet

514                              320/542

394                              394


Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Mary Townsend, Noelle Emery,  Dianne Harvey, Elsie Richardson, Roy & Barbara Ball, Vera Tomkinson, Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, Emily Franks, John Richardson, Annette McMullen, Peter Bowler, Howard Boswell, Catherine Ritchie, Sarah Taylor, Graham Baker, Jackie Finnemore, Wendy Gee, James Astle, Miles Brain, Joan Lazonby,  John & Ann Shuttleworth, Sheila Howells, Richard Kempa, Frank & Joyce Crowther, Evelyn Cotterill, Margaret Wright


And for the departed:

Brenda York, Peter Harvey, Mirella Mason, Valerie Roycroft

Remembering their families and friends at this time

This week:

Monday 7th 10.30am Peter Harvey’s funeral – St M&W

Wednesday 9th 7.30pm STONE PCC meeting - Church

Thursday 10th 10.30am Holy Communion – St M&W

Friday 11th 11am Valerie Roycroft’s funeral – St M&W


PARISH DIARIES Please buy a diary.We still have 45 to sell!!


SUNDAY LUNCH AT STONE GOLF CLUB – JANUARY 13TH 2019.All welcome. Please sign the sheets at the back of both churches, or see a member of Aston Social Committee


DEFIBRILATOR TRAINING. Although it is simple to use, a date has been set – Jan 12th from 10am in St Michael’s Hall. More information is available from Dennis Abbott on 07866 341111. Members of all congregations are welcome


SUNDAY 6TH January 4pm Healing and meditation service at St M&W – all welcome