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29th December 2019

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 28 December 2019

The Parish Churches of

St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone, with

St Saviour Aston by Stone


by Ann Lewin


He´s grown, that baby.

Not that most people have noticed.

He still looks the same,

Lying there in the straw, with

Animals and shepherds looking on.

He´s safe there, locked in that moment

Where time met Eternity.


Reality of course is different,

He grew up, astonished people with his

Insight, disturbed them with

Ideas that stretched them into

New maturity.


Some found him

Much too difficult to cope with,

Nailed him down to fit their

Narrow minds.


We are more subtle,

Keep him helpless,

Refuse to let him be the Man he is,

Adore him as the Christmas Baby,

Eternally unable to grow up

Until we set him free.


By all means let us pause there

At the stable, and

Marvel at the miracle of birth.

But we´ll never get to know

God with us, until we learn

To find him at the Inn,

A fellow guest who shares the joy and sorrow,

The Host who is the life we celebrate.


He´s grown, that Baby.

Hymns for today all numbers on carol sheet

                        Aston                          Stone

            1                                  3

            11                                20

                        9                                  9

14/13                           14/13

20                                11


Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Mary Townsend,  Elsie Richardson, Vera Tomkinson, Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, John Richardson, Peter Bowler,  Catherine Ritchie,  Graham Baker,  James Astle, Miles Brain,  John & Ann Shuttleworth,  Evelyn Cotterill, Margaret Wright, Gren Deakin, Margaret Bott, Molly Wright, Norman Latham, Michael Richardson


And for the departed:

John Rushton, George Wright, Norman Goodwin

Remembering their families and friends at this time

This week:

Tuesday 31st NO DROP INN café – Christmas break

Thursday 2nd 10.30am Holy Communion – St M&W

Saturday 4th 7pm Boar’s Head Feast Aston Village hall


BOARS HEAD FEAST Saturday 4th January at Aston Village Hall – tickets available for Aston Social Committee at £12.50 each. A fun evening celebrating the traditional end of the Christmas season awaits us all!


SUNDAY 5TH January 4pm Healing and meditation service at St M&W – all welcome. This will be with a Taize flavour this month


Thank youto all those who have greeted us with cards and gifts this Christmas: It has been very much appreciated


And thank youto all our Musicians, Church decorators, cleaners, duplicators, servers, Carol singers, you name them, for all the hard work to make Christmas special!


If we haven’t greeted you already,a most happy and blessed continuing Christmasto you all