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27th May 2018

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 27 May 2018

The Parish Churches of

St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone, with

St Saviour Aston by Stone


HOT POT SUPPER – a Victorian Evening:  Saturday June 30th in St Michael’s Hall. Speaker will be Brian Morris who will give a presentation of a "Victorian Magic lantern Show."  It is a light hearted account of life in Victorian England. Cost £7.50


OPEN CHURCH Next weekend, 2nd June. Can you help? Rota at back


A BIG THANK YOUto Heather and the Fundraisers who gave us a lovely evening on Wednesday: wonderful to see those pictures from Easter Island and Machu Pichu


Have you ever had a vision? Perhaps it’s just a feeling of déjà vu, where you wonder if you have done something, or been somewhere before? But some visions can be extraordinary: “I have a dream” preached Martin Luther King – and it seemed at the time that huge numbers of people were affected by his vision

This week’s Old Testament reading is a very famous vision: it is nothing less than a vision of God himself. Isaiah, the prophet finds himself in the Temple, where the enormous building itself is dwarfed by the presence of the Almighty. The pivots of the thresholds shake – and Isaiah is both amazed and terrified. In a religion that forbade the image of God, he thinks himself doomed by what he has seen

Yes, like Martin Luther King’s dream, this vision has inspired many down the years. Who can forget the hymn “Bright the vision….”? And we are all reminded that, however much we love buildings, Bible translations, forms of service etc. – our God is greater still. However big we imagine God to be, the reality is that he is bigger!

Isaiah’s vision turned him into something he never imagined – a prophet to speak God’s word to a disobedient people. And the question for us today is – where does the vision take us? Perhaps we are happy in a comfortable pew – but truly God has bigger things in mind for us

A Blessed Holy Trinity Sunday to you all


Ian Cardinal


Hymns for today

                        Aston                          Stone              

            133                              212                 

                        126                              126

                        106                              sheet

                        10/315                        139/127

212                              76


Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Ron Burton, Mary Townsend, Doreen Knight, Noelle Emery,  Peter and Dianne Harvey, Elsie Richardson, Roy & Barbara Ball, Vera Tomkinson, Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, Jocelyn James, Emily Franks, John Richardson, Annette McMullen, Peter Bowler, Howard Boswell, Catherine Ritchie, Sarah Taylor, Graham Baker, Jackie Finnemore, Wendy Gee, James Astle, Miles Brain, Joan Lazonby


And for the departed:

Neil Shardlow, Lilian Slater

Remembering their families and friends at this time


This week:

Tuesday 29th 11.45am – 1pm Drop Inn café – St Michael’s hall

Thursday 31st 10.30am Holy Communion – St M&W


LADIES MEETING is next on June 21st. Leave Stone 9.30am, 10.30am Tour of Cathedral, followed by sandwich lunch, cake, coffee and tea at Chapters. Please see Steph Cardinal this Sunday to book your place. Total cost £15 – money please to Steph with booking


CONCERT: with the Choir of St Michael’s School and Stone recorder group29th June 6.30pm. Tickets available from Christine Burton - £7


SANDON ESTATE WALK:  Thursday 28th June (after Last year’s walk round Chartley castle.) Meet at 6.45pm at Sandon Church, ready to start at 7pm.  Visits made to the moated site of the original Sandon Hall and the recently restored Tower from Trentham Hall. Cost is £2 – sheets to sign at the rear of both Churches