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21st June 2020

By Alison Hudson - Posted on 18 June 2020

St Michael & St Wulfad and St Saviour Church



Cycle of Prayer for our benefice


Week 1

Church St, The Coppice Estate, George Rd, Hempbutts, High St, Mill St, Morrisons, Crown St, Joules Court, St Michaels Close, Lichfield St, businesses in High St and Mill St


Week 2

Priory Estate, Abbey St, Lichfield Rd, Grange Rd, Millwalk, Shepley Close, Redlands, Brookfield Court, Pingle Lane, Ridgeway, Flax Croft, Westover Drive, Parkhouse Drive, Old Rectory Road, Claremont Close, Cedar Park, Parkway, Aston Lodge Park, Aston


Week 3

Stone Golf Club, Stone Cricket Club, Community Fire Station, Trent Clinic, Doctors Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Pharmacies and all the staff, St Michaels First School, Pirehill First School, Manor Rise, Walton Priory, The Moorings, Summerfield Court, Autumn House


Week 4

Walton Grange, Stafford Rd, Stafford Close, Stonehouse Hotel, Stone Business Park, Aldi, Farms within the parish, Eccleshall Rd, Cherryfields Estate, Walton Way, Walton Community Centre, Whitemill Lane and Air Ministry Estate


Week 5

Pirehill Lane, Beacon Rise and environs, Longhope Rd, Fillybrooks, Residents on A34, Udell Grange, Anwyl Homes, Sweepers Ave, Blundell Drive and environs, Common Lane, Crestwood Drive, Foxwood Close, Tilling Drive Estate

St Michael & St Wulfad Church, Stone

and St Saviour Church, Aston

Sunday 21 June 2020



What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops.” (Matthew 10: 27)


The Collect for Sunday

Faithful Creator, whose mercy never fails:

deepen our faithfulness to you and to your living Word,

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Stone with Aston Sunday afternoon prayers by telephone

Not all of ushas access to the internet, so during this time of lockdown each Sunday afternoon we will be offering a short service of Daily Prayer that you can join with via a telephone call.

I apologise to those who have tried to join and not been able to get through, please do try again as Zoom does experience some glitches! The Meeting ID and Password will be the same each week.

These prayers will take place each Sunday at 4pm for Stone and

5pm for Aston, but please feel free to phone in at whichever time suits you best. You do not need a computer for this - just a telephone. The instructions are as follows:

Just before 4pm or 5pm on Sunday phone one of these numbers (the cost should be the same as a normal phone call):

0131 460 1196or 0203 481 5237

  • enter the meeting ID on your telephone keypad-

    897 6759 5340
  • you will be asked for a participant number - just enter #
  • enter the password which is 928354

We will welcome everyone who has phoned in and we will all be able to hear each other speak. We will then say prayers together. The service will last about 15 minutes. The order of service is enclosed with this newsletter so you will need to have that to hand when you ring.

If you have internet access, you can join the meeting via the following ‘Zoom’ link using the above meeting ID and password

Our weekly prayers of intercession

Please pray for the sick in the benefice:


Mary Townsend, Elsie Richardson, Vera Tomkinson,

Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, John Richardson,

Peter Bowler, Catherine Ritchie, James Astle,

Miles Brain, John & Ann Shuttleworth, Margaret Wright, Gren Deakin, Molly Wright, Norman Latham, Mary Leigh, Gillian Wright,

Carl Hartley, John Hargreaves, Pauline Bevans, Val Morris, Alan Holmes


For the recently departed, remembering their families and friends at this time:


Don Flinders


And those whose year’s mind falls in this month:


Elizabeth Sadler 1986                                Kenneth Williams 1986

John Henry Horne 1991                            Arthur Bolderstone 1994

Geoff Wright 1994                                    Alfred (Harry) Downing 1985

Edward Thomas Miles 1999                      Irene Long 1999

Annie E. Holliman 2003                             Dennis Long 2004

Richard Craig Stubbs 2003                        Rose Lloyd 1990

Roy Hodgkinson 1990                               Noel Guy Wilfred Banks 1976

Peggy Louise Norman Sims 2013              Maureen Joyce Evans 2013


Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, both rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen

If you would like any names to be added to this list, please email rector.stone@gmail.comor ring Revd Ian Cardinal on 01785 812747



Lord of hosts, we put our trust in you.


Lord Jesus, your light penetrates the secrets of our hearts.

Be at the centre of your Church, that we may love you above everything else and trust in your goodness.

Give us grace to walk in newness of life.

Lord of hosts, we put our trust in you.


Lord Jesus, your love exposes both deeds of darkness and light.

Drive away the fear that oppresses, demeans, and discriminates.

Give courage to those in authority to defend and uphold the good of all.

Lord of hosts, we put our trust in you.


Lord Jesus, you hold everyone precious in your sight.

Look with compassion on all who are marginalized and rejected and bring them the companionship of your people.

Raise up all who suffer reproach and shame for your sake.

Lord of hosts, we put our trust in you.


Lord Jesus, you show great love towards all who call upon you.

Keep watch over those who suffer in body, mind or spirit …

Gladden the hearts of your servants in their need.

Lord of hosts, we put our trust in you.


Lord Jesus, raised from the dead you die no more.

Hear us as we remember in this faith and love those who have died …

As you break the hold of death so may we come to share your life in glory.

Lord of hosts, we put our trust in you.


Let us commend ourselves, and all for whom we pray, to the mercy and protection of God for the sake of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Churches open for private prayer


We are delighted to be able to say that the church buildings are open on a regular basis for people to come in and pray.

Our churches will be open each week at the following times:

St Michael & St Wulfad Stone – Tuesdays 6-7pm,

Thursdays 10.30-11.30am and Sundays 8-9am and 10.45-11.45am

St Saviour Aston– Sundays 9.15-10.15am


Do drop in for some or all of the time. There will be quiet music playing, some prayer prompts on the screen and a member of the ministry team in attendance should you wish to have a quiet conversation.


Please note that entry to St Michael & St Wulfad Church will be via the South Door and seating will be available in the St George Chapel. In both churches toilet facilities will not be available.


We will also continue to regularly post readings and updates onto our website and Facebook pages and continue with our Sunday afternoon prayers by Zoom or telephone. But please do not hesitate to contact any of us should you need to talk to someone.


Revd Preb Ian Cardinal 01785 812747    Dennis Abbott 01785 814134                         

Revd Alison Hudson 07725 467246      Fr John Cotterill 07734 815838

Regular Giving

Could we please encourage you to continue to put to one side your usual gift of money to the church which can then be put into the plate when we resume our gathered worship.

Alternatively, there is the option of making regular donations to the church via standing order from your bank. If you are able or would prefer to do this, please contact John Baddeley who will forward the relevant form to you. John can be contacted on 01785 815397, or email johnandpat@allaboutimage.netThank you!


Readings for Sunday 21 June

Genesis 21: 8-21         Romans 6: 1b-11          Matthew 10: 24-39

The words ‘do not be afraid’ appear 68 times in the Bible, with 3 of those being in today’s Gospel reading, Matthew 10, verses 26, 28 and 31: ‘Do not be afraid’ is a very easy platitude to offer, particularly as it is often because that is our desire and our hope for the one who is afraid. When I was a child my mother was afraid of caterpillars. She knew that it was an irrational fear, but nevertheless it was very real for her and we used to get pocket money for removing them from the garden! We told her that she had nothing to fear, but she was never convinced!


Fear as a response to danger is a natural instinct because it keeps us safe and there are many things in this world that we should be fearful of. Parents and schools teach children what is safe and what is not safe. We teach them to differentiate between irrational and real fear.


We are at a point now where life is slowly returning to whatever the new ‘normal’ will look like following the Coronavirus pandemic, some children have returned to school and some non-essential shops have re-opened. We are taking tiny steps forward, yet there is much fear and uncertainty around. We still don’t have all the information we would like, or the preventative treatment, or the protective equipment. Our fear in these circumstances will remind us to remain cautious about where we go and what we do, but we cannot remain locked in our homes indefinitely.

This time has been an incredibly difficult experience in the life of the world, one that we are all in together. It’s a shared suffering, yet one that we each experience in our own way, according to our own circumstances. It is not a punishment that has been inflicted on us by a wrathful God, but a sadness of the fragile ecosystem within which we live. Our reassurance in this is that we have a God who loves us unconditionally, who cares for us with all of His heart, and who will never leave or forsake us.


There is an expression ‘never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light’. When Jesus says do not be afraid, it’s because he offers a different perspective, one that is eternal. He knows about the battles we face, both earthly and spiritual, he knows the horror of sickness, the devastation of death, the isolation of loneliness. Yet he also knows the love of the Father in creating such an intricate and beautiful world for us to reside within. He knows the promise of salvation that will come with his crucifixion and resurrection.


Do not allow worry, doubt or fear to take away your trust in God, do not allow the difficulties of the present situation to detract from the bigger picture of God’s saving grace. With our churches re-opening for private prayer we are in a great position now to proclaim from the housetops the truth that we know. Our churches are very special places of encounter with God, they are beacons of hope in our land, and offer a physical place of refuge to seek God.

You, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love

 to all who call on you. Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; 

listen to my cry of supplication. In the day of my trouble

I call on you, for you will answer me. (Psalm 86: 5-7)


Let us continue to pray for one another and for all those in our community who are looking for the hope and certainty that our loving Father God can bring.                  Alison Hudson