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14th October 2018

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 11 October 2018

The Parish Churches of

St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone, with

St Saviour Aston by Stone


            And Harvest again. This time it is the turn of our brothers and sisters at St Saviour’s – and the year turns once again. Harvest was never so much as mentioned in the Book of Common Prayer – but that’s because Cranmer was used to using August 1st as a kind of Harvest – Lammastide – the first loaf Mass of the year

            But it’s worth considering what harvest meant to the people of the Old Testament:- for them Harvest was different in its meaning from all the nations that surrounded them. For those Nations, Harvest was a kind of prayer to the fertility God, that the year would be as fruitful as the last and that things could carry on as they were

            Very different for the Hebrews: for them Harvest was a thanksgiving to the God who changes things for the better! They always remembered that they had been slaves in Egypt, and that the land in which they dwelt was the gift of God himself. He was the God who had nurtured them – and the Harvest was a prayer of thanksgiving for the God who had good designs for them

            And so for us: Are we a people who hope for nothing ever to change in our church and in our lives? Or are we people of faith – who look at the Bible narrative and trust the God who has carried us so far – that he has a purpose in his love for us, whatever the future may hold; For the real Harvest is a challenging time that asks us to place our hands in the hand of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever the future may hold, we can surely trust in him!


Ian Cardinal


Hymns for today

                        Aston                          Stone              

            101                              285                 

                        186                              175

                        524                              464

                        355/116                       426/53

534                              380


Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Mary Townsend, Noelle Emery,  Peter and Dianne Harvey, Elsie Richardson, Roy & Barbara Ball, Vera Tomkinson, Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, Jocelyn James, Emily Franks, John Richardson, Annette McMullen, Peter Bowler, Howard Boswell, Catherine Ritchie, Sarah Taylor, Graham Baker, Jackie Finnemore, Wendy Gee, James Astle, Miles Brain, Joan Lazonby,  Elsie Woodcock, John & Ann Shuttleworth, Sheila Howells and

Richard Kempa


And for the departed:

Victor Kimber

Remembering their families and friends at this time

This week:

Tuesday 16th 11.45am – 1pm DROP INN CAFÉ – St Michael’s Hall

Wednesday 17th 7.30pm Rev’s Jane Morris Induction at Little Drayton

Thursday 18th 10.30am Holy Communion – St M&W


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LICENSING OF REV JANE MORRIS- 17th at 7.30pm. The Coach is booked and will cost £8.50 per head  - leaves from Crown Street at 6.15pm – please meet at 6pm to make sure we set off on time.


LADIES MEETING:Our next outing is Christmas lunch at Bridgemere on Thursday 13th December. Please see Steph for more details and to book your place


ALL SOULS DAY is November 2nd. As usual we would like to invite all those who have had funeral Ministry in this last year: letters will shortly be available to deliver – can you help?