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14th March 2021

By Alison Hudson - Posted on 11 March 2021

St Michael & St Wulfad Church, Stone

and St Saviour Church, Aston

14 March 2021



Mothering Sunday


Sunday Worship in our churches area brief service of Holy Communion at 8am and 10.45am St Michael & St Wulfad, Stone

and 9.15am at St Saviour, Aston

There will not be a Thursday morning service for the time being.


Health and safety advice will be rigorously adhered to. If you come into church, please maintain a social distance from others, log in to “track and trace”, use hand sanitiser and wear a face covering, as well as avoiding conversation or gatherings inside the building.


Please do not feel under any pressure to attend church before you are ready to! Our prayers are with you all, and the ministry team will continue to film an act of worship for you to follow each week on our website, church Facebook pages and on Ian Cardinal’s channel of YouTube.  Ian Cardinal



Virtual Sunday School

Our young children continue to meet via Zoom each Sunday afternoon at 5pm, hosted by Jill Bramham. Please do hold our children, Jill and this valuable ministry in your prayers.



Regular giving

Would you consider making regular donations to the church via standing order from your bank?

If you are able to do this, please contact John Baddeley on 01785 815397, or email

for St Michaels, or Paul Gerrard on 01785 818363 or email pagerrard@btinternet.comfor St Saviour’s. Thank you!  



Stone with Aston Sunday afternoon prayers

This time of prayer continues each week. It is a short service (approximately 20 minutes) that we are able to share in together at 4pm each Sundayvia phone or internet. This week we will use a Lent Prayer Sheet.


To join us:

  • Phone this number 0131 460 1196or 0203 481 5237
  • enter the meeting ID on your telephone keypad 897 6759 5340
  • you will be asked for a participant number - just enter #
  • enter the password which is 928354

or join online via ‘Zoom’


Lent Course

We continue to follow ‘A Way Through the Wilderness’ by Paula Gooder. This is run over Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and we provide a weekly handout for you to follow. The course uses readings from Isaiah 40 to explore different aspects of the comfort God seeks to offer us when we need it most! Please do feel free to join us, even if you have not been at previous sessions.


To join:

  • Phone this number  0131 460 1196or 0203 481 5237
  • enter the meeting ID on your telephone keypad 861 0620 0794
  • you will be asked for a participant number - just enter #
  • enter the password which is 476093


or join online via ‘Zoom’



Easter Lilies

If you would like to purchase a lily for £2.50 to be displayed in Church over Easter in memory of a loved one, please contact one of the Church Wardens at St Michael’s, or Christine Burton at St Saviours.



Contact details

Please do contact any of the team should you need to:


Revd Preb Ian Cardinal 01785 812747   

Dennis Abbott 01785 814134

Revd Alison Hudson 07725 467246      

Fr John Cotterill 07734 815838

Lin Davies 01889 505094

Readings and Collect for Sunday 14 March

1 Samuel 1: 20-end    Colossians 3: 12-17     Luke 2: 33-35

God of compassion, whose Son Jesus Christ, the child of Mary, shared the life of a home in Nazareth, and on the cross drew the whole human family to himself: strengthen us in our daily living that in joy and in sorrow we may know the power of your presence to bind together and to heal; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen



At the start of this week it was International Women’s Day, a global event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and this Sunday we have Mothering Sunday, not ‘Mother’s Day’ as it has popularly become known, but let us not under-estimate the enormity of the task that faces women each day.


In the 16th century, Mothering Sunday was less about mothers and more about church. Back then, people would make a journey to their ‘mother’ church once a year. This might have been their home church, their nearest cathedral or a major parish church in a bigger town. The service which took place at the ‘mother’ church symbolised the coming together of families. 


I am always encouraged by this image of the church as a ‘mother’, balanced against our verbalisation of God as Father and Jesus, of course, as the Son of God. What we might sometimes miss, is that the Hebrew word for “spirit” is ruakh, which grammatically is feminine.Scripture is full of beautiful female imagery of God, “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you” and “how often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings”.

The church is a place of gathering, of nurturing, of growing in faith and Christian maturity, of sharing life’s significant events and of course, a place of sitting down and eating together. We can more confidently say that the time of all these things resuming is drawing nearer, but in the meantime, even without being a fully gathered people, we are still held together by the love of God and our shared belonging to our mother churches here in Stone and Aston.


I have had the amazing experience recently of being with my dog while she gave birth to eight beautiful pups, and watching her nurturing them at the start of their life. It came so naturally to her and at every stage she just ‘knew’ what to do! And so it is as we gently move forwards, seeking to make the right decisions at the right time, and even rising to the challenge of discerning new ways of being ‘church’ in light of our changing landscape, we draw on the wisdom of God. Proverbs 8:1 says ‘Does not wisdom call,and does not understanding raise her voice?’


Just as a mother instinctively knows what to do, so too will we, as we draw wisdom, are nurtured and parented by our Father God within our Mother Church.        Revd Alison


Prayers of Intercession

As children of a loving God who always listens to our cries, let us pray to our Father in heaven. God of love, hear our prayer.


Loving God, thank you for mums and children and for all the joy of family life. Be with those who are grieving because they have no mother; be close to those who are struggling because they have no children; be near to those who are sad because they are far apart from those they love.


Let your love be present in every home, and help your church to have eyes to see and ears to hear the needs of all who come.

God of love,hear our prayer.


Loving God, you have given us the right to be called children of God. Help us to show your love in our homes that they may be places of love, security and truth. God of love, hear our prayer.


Loving God, Jesus, your Son, was born into the family of Mary and Joseph; bless all parents and all who care for children; strengthen those families living under stress and may your love be known where no human love is found. God of love, hear our prayer.


Loving God, we thank you for the family of the Church. We pray that all may find in her their true home; that the lonely, the marginalized, the rejected may be welcomed and loved in the name of Jesus.

God of love,hear our prayer.


Loving God, as we see the brokenness of our world we pray for healing among the nations; for food where there is hunger; for freedom where there is oppression; for joy where there is pain; that your love may bring peace to all your children.

God of love,hear our prayer.


Loving God, bring your healing touch to all those who ask for our prayers, may they know your nurturing and enfolding love in their time of need. Give comfort to those who mourn and eternal rest to their loved ones. God of love, hear our prayer.


Loving God, accept the cries of our heart as we offer you prayers;

through them transform us and all creation until you are in all and through all. We ask these and all our prayers in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen


Those we include inourprayers of intercession


Please pray for the sick in the benefice:

Elsie Richardson, Vera Tomkinson, Neil & Pat Wynne, Gary Kelsall, John Richardson, Peter Bowler, Catherine Ritchie, James Astle, Miles Brain, John & Ann Shuttleworth, Margaret Wright, Molly Wright, Norman Latham, Mary Leigh, Gillian Wright, John Hargreaves, Val Morris, Alan Holmes, June Stringer, Jim Hammersley, Duncan Leak, Christopher Davis, Margaret Tomlinson, Berwyn Babb, Carl Hartley, Karen Hartley, Alison Holmes, Pam Miles


For the recently departed, remembering their families and friends:

Neil Jenkins, Ken Bickerton, Kizzy Smith, Michelle Redfern, Winifred Knight


For those whose year’s mind falls in this month from St Michael’s:

Ethel Ball 1972, Paul Harrison 1988, Louis (Bill) Holiman 1991, Hilda Purslow 1995, Gladys Street 1996, Horace Street 1996, Nellie Lamsdale 1976, Harry Roden 1995, John Shaw 1995, Gina Switzur 1998, Florence Holiday 1985, John Daly 2009, Stan Gerrard 2010, Arthur (Bud) Barnett 2016, Bridget Donaldson 2013


and from St Saviour’s:

Marion Bright 1987, Edith Woodman 1987, Fred Oakes 1988, Harold Biddulph 1990, Charlotte Borthwick 1991, Dorothy Clay 1991, Lilian Large 1992, Mary Smith 1994, Richard Phillips 1994, Clifford Plant 1995, Kate Cartwright 1995, Valerie Munro 1995, Pery Bate 1996, Mary Pointon 1997, Eunice Lloyd 1999, Ronald Adkins 2002, Joan Adkins 2002, Eunice Buckley 2002, Christopher Northfield 2003, Ethelinda Watson 2004, William Heeley 2004, Rita Lockley 2007, Mary Chell 2010, Guy Waldron 2011, Audrey (Brindy) Allen 2014, Barrie Farnham 2015, Audrey Langley 2016, Dorothy Barratt 2016, Jean Ball 2020, Edward (Ted) Anderson 2020

St Michael & St Wulfad and St Saviour Church


Cycle of Prayer for our benefice


Week 1

Church St, The Coppice Estate, George Rd, Hempbutts, High St, Mill St, Morrisons, Crown St, Joules Court, St Michaels Close, Lichfield St, businesses in High St and Mill St


Week 2

Priory Estate, Abbey St, Lichfield Rd, Grange Rd, Millwalk, Shepley Close, Redlands, Brookfield Court, Pingle Lane, Ridgeway, Flax Croft, Westover Drive, Parkhouse Drive, Old Rectory Road, Claremont Close, Cedar Park, Parkway, Aston Lodge Park, Aston


Week 3

Stone Golf Club, Stone Cricket Club, Community Fire Station, Trent Clinic, Doctors Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Pharmacies and all the staff, St Michaels First School, Pirehill First School, Manor Rise, Walton Priory, The Moorings, Summerfield Court, Autumn House


Week 4

Walton Grange, Stafford Rd, Stafford Close, Stonehouse Hotel, Stone Business Park, Aldi, Farms within the parish, Eccleshall Rd, Cherryfields Estate, Walton Way, Walton Community Centre, Whitemill Lane and Air Ministry Estate


Week 5

Pirehill Lane, Beacon Rise and environs, Longhope Rd, Fillybrooks, Residents on A34, Udell Grange, Anwyl Homes, Sweepers Ave, Blundell Drive and environs, Common Lane, Crestwood Drive, Foxwood Close, Tilling Drive Estate