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14th April 2020

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 14 April 2020

Dear Friends,


In this time of confusion and consternation, strange to say, we are far more fortunate than the earliest disciples in the first week of what was to become the Christian church, nearly 2000 years ago.

Yes, in the middle of this terrible Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we are lucky that, unlike them, we grew up in the knowledge and certainty that the human Jesus Christ, who died in A.D. 33, lives in heavenly glory today. Also, that he has left us the wonderful promise that through him we have our route to salvation, and into the heavenly presence of his Almighty Father.

The two Mary's had been told of his Resurrection and had seen him, [as we read in the Easter Day Gospel from Matthew], and they went in both fear, and great joy, to those of the others who had not dispersed after the crucifixion. In that just Post Resurrection time however, the truth is that for all Jesus' friends to understand that good news, [as we shall read shortly in the story of Cleopas' encounter on the road to Emmaus] the, was going to be a huge undertaking.

Cleopas tells the yet unrecognised Lord, that Jesus was a prophet, mighty in deed and in word, who they hoped would be the one to redeem Israel. He says that they were astounded by the reports of the empty grave, and the message that Jesus had risen and would meet them in Galilee. Even as the 3 continued on, he did not recognise the Lord, until Jesus made himself known to them, in the breaking of the bread.

2 million years later, we, who have never actually seen the bodily Jesus, are seeing his spirit in our trouble and consternation, in the bodily form of every nurse, doctor, postie, carer, bin man, and host of others who continue to walk among us in their everyday work, even if we too, like Mary and Cleopas, sometimes fail to recognise that.

Alleluia, Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed, Alleluia!.

In hope and in faith,