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12th June 2020

By Ian Cardinal - Posted on 12 June 2020

Prayers from the Christian Blind Mission(CBM)


Dear Lord, we thank you for the magnificent world that you have created.  Forgive us for not always treating it with respect, and help us in future to make wise decisions.  Remind us that even small steps taken by each and everyone of us, can have a major cumulative effect on the global situation. 


Heavenly Father, the world is currently going through crisis with the immediate threat of coronavirus, but let us not lose sight of the need to continue addressing the bigger long-term climate challenge that is facing us all.  May we utilise this enforced sabbath to consider what actions we can take as individuals to have a local  effect  on such things as the magnification of flooding caused by run-off water from our roofs and driveways.


 Dear lord and heavenly Father, we ask that you give us wisdom and consideration when making decisions about our consumption. Help us to use less: to reuse, repair and recycle more, and to appreciate the things that we already have.  Let us always be aware of the implication of choices we make when shopping, and Assess the ethical implication  of our purchases.


Holy Father, we ask you to bless every  person working in science, technology, manufacturing and engineering, who is striving towards  tackling the current climate crisis at local, national, and international levels. We give you thanks for these inspirational innovators.  Please help us to rise to the challenge of implementing the fruits of their deliberations to the benefit of us all.


Dear Lord and heavenly father we ask for your blessing on the people of Bangladesh,  and all other countries who are experiencing the devastating effects of rising sea levels, coupled with worsening climate, in that they are having more frequent monsoons and flooding.


At CBM we know that at times when disaster strikes, people living with disabilities are often the worst affected. Lord, we ask you to protect those who are extremely vulnerable, and thank those working in their communities and with their governments, to combat the effects of  climate  change.